§531.18 Consumer Information

  1. The Commission adopts by reference the Consumer Protection Notice TREC No. CN 1-2. This document is published by and available from the Texas Real Estate Commission, P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas 78711-2188, www.trec.texas.gov
  2. Each active real estate broker and sales agent shall provide the notice adopted under subsection (a) by: 
    1. displaying it in a readily noticeable location in each place of business the broker maintains; and 
    2. providing a link to it in a readily noticeable place on the homepage of each business website, labeled: 
      1. “Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice”, in at least 10 point font; or 
      2. “TREC Consumer Protection Notice”, in at least 12 point font. 
  3. For purposes of this section, business website means a website on the internet that: 
    1. is accessible to the public; 
    2. contains information about a license holder’s real estate brokerage services; and 
    3. the content of the website is controlled by the license holder. 
  4. For purposes of providing the link required under subsection (b)(2) on a social media platform, the link may be located on: 
    1. the account holder profile; or 
    2. a separate page or website through a direct link from the social media platform or account holder profile. 
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